A One-on-One Approach to Vision Care

At McBride Vision Clinic, we provide excellent vision care through a one-on-one approach. Eye exams, eyewear, and various vision treatments should fit your lifestyle and schedule. We will work with you to ensure you’re getting the care, attention, and treatment you deserve. Our screenings look for warning signs of ocular diseases.

Fill out all of your forms online instead of at your first visit to our clinic.

New Patients receive $20 OFF their first visit.

Annual eye exams give us a chance to test our patients’ vision and eye health. Sound eye care helps kids do well at school.

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Dry Eye Treatment

When your eyes do not produce basal tears to keep them lubricated and hydrated, they become irritated and red – resulting in a condition known as dry eye. Dry eye can create a gritty sensation, excessive watering, or even blurry vision. Left untreated, patients can suffer from chronic eye inflammation, eye infections, or scratches on the cornea.

Relief from dry eye is available through eye drops and creams, supplements, or tear duct plugs. We can recommend the treatment most beneficial to your particular situation.

Giving Back to the Community and Beyond

As a member of the American Optometric Association, we participate with VISION USA to provide FREE eye exams to low-income, uninsured Americans. We also work with Optometry Giving Sight to provide individuals in underdeveloped countries with the eye care and glasses they need to live a normal life.